Major Leagues’ Top Five Homegrown Heroes

Exciting things have been in the works for Brisbane four piece MAJOR LEAGUES of late. Pumping out some beautiful tunes, the band’s debut album will drop the 16th of June, Good Love. Their latest single of the same name is one of their latest tracks, and it filled to the brim with fuzzy goodness.

With two EPs behind them, and a mammoth slew of live shows over the past few years, Major Leagues have become one of the country’s favourite DIY pop bands, and they’re set to only cement that further with this next chapter.

In case you didn’t know, one of band members, Vlada, owns a comic book store. So tying in their love of music and superheroes, Major Leagues take us through five Australian artists that they believe are the superheroes we both need, and deserve.

1. Paul Kelly- From St. Kilda to Kings Cross

Anna: Paul Kelly for me is all about growing up. My Dad used to always play his cassettes in the house and car when we were kids, so I’ve known all of his lyrics since I was little. He is such an incredible storyteller and it’s amazing that the stories he tells in his songs could resonate with me as a kid and still resonate, with even more meaning for me as an adult. Like, they are kind of as complex as you want them to be. And he doesn’t just tell his own story, he tells stories from the points of view of so many different characters.  Usually very Australian character. I think he has really influenced me as a writer. Musically, he just sucks you in too, his music is so catchy, and his live performances are mesmerising and he has this crazy energy…like he’s totally electric.

2. YoYo- Two Steps on the Water

Anna: Aghhh, their music is just so beautiful and honest and vulnerable. June’s vocals, the harmonies, and the violin just really pull on the heartstrings. I want to cry every time I hear them. They are such an important band in the Australian music scene right now. Their songs explore such meaningful, powerful, and not-often-talked-about themes in mainstream music including gender, trauma, being trans, and mental illness. I think Australia has a very long way to go when it comes to equal representation of trans and GNC/non-binary and queer artists, which makes bands like Two Steps so so significant. Through their music and interviews etc surrounding their music they are paving the way for what I hope will be a much more diverse musical community. They are my heroes because their music is beautiful, their message is powerful, and they stand behind both with such conviction.

3. HTRK- Chinatown Style

Anna: HTRK are just one of those bands that exude charm and this sense of mystery. They used to be heroine addicts living in Berlin and now I think they are living in rural Victoria, they are clean, and like very into mystical stuff. They sadly lost their third member to suicide, but have continued on as a two piece, which is really brave and admirable. I saw them at All Tomorrow’s Parties in Melbourne. I had never really listened to them before and I had the worst hangover that day, I was so out of it. I just remember sitting on the ground eating an ice-cream and getting caught in this trance like ‘what am I watching?’. I couldn’t look away and as soon as I got home to Brisbane I listened to everything they had released. This song, like all of their songs is hypnotic. For me HTRK is all about the textures and lyrics. I guess they are my heroes because they have always just done what they want.

4. Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach- Down City Streets  

Anna: Both standalone artists, but so powerful together. They met when they were both homeless teenagers and were together until Ruby passed away. Both of them were taken from their families as young children as part of the Stolen Generation and both of them overcame this by becoming voices for Indigenous Australians. The work they have done for Indigenous communities and the stories they have told through their music is just so crucial and should be heard by everyone lucky enough to be living in Australia. Just incredibly strong people and amazing musicians. Ruby was the first indigenous Australian woman to record a solo rock album. If that doesn’t make you a hero, I don’t know what does.

5. Bored Nothing- Let Down 

Jamiee: I have a compilation of Bored Nothing songs in my car, that my sister made for me 5 years ago. It has been in my car’s CD player ever since, it’s the only music that can soothe my road rage. Ferg’s music is heartbreakingly beautiful, melodic and intricate and complex. I always pick up new parts of his songs every time I listen.

Good Love is out June 16th via Popfrenzy.








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