LAUNCHING: DZ Deathrays ‘Brutal Tapes’

This week we are stoked to be launching the new EP from the Brisbane duo DZ Deathrays Brutal Tapes thanks to our good friends at I Oh You.

DZ Deathrays have profoundly stated that they “started at a house party…will most likely end at one” so it’s no surprise that two of the tracks featured on the EP are actually live recording from a house party show.  The jager laced duo have always been a notorious party band thrashing out seizure inducing grunge anthems and while Brutal Tapes showcases this perfectly, it also shows another side to the band.  The track Gebbie Street is testament to this change with a cleaners, tighter sound and a little twist of bongos to boot.

DZ Deathrays smashed their shows at SXSW and their notoriety has landed them back on a plane with a spot on The Great Escape Festival line up in the UK.

Your house party won’t be complete without a copy of Brutal Tapes so to win yourself a copy email [email protected] with DZ Deathrays and tell us what the band was originally called before they changed their name this year?


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