LAUNCHING: MellowHype ‘BlackenedWhite’

This week we’re super excited to be launching the re-release of MellowHype‘s album BlackenedWhite. Huge thanks to the good folks at Inertia.

Everyone’s on the Odd Future bandwagon at the moment. It’s pretty hard not to be, they’re that freaking awesome. Then when members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain combined to form side project MellowHype, more awesomeness ensued. Their album BlackenedWhite was released last year as a free download, but now, a physical release is abound, ready to quench CD lovers all over.

The album itself is remixed, remastered and has a bunch of extra tracks that the online release didn’t. To describe it in just a few words, it is accessable, inventive, with heavy beats and sarcastic rhymes. Hip-hop aficionado’s will find it a refreshing listen.

To score a copy of this awesome physical release, simply comment below and tell us which US city MellowHype hail from.

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