LAUNCHING: Givers ‘In Light’

This week, thanks to our buds over at I OH YOU, we’re super stoked to be launching the debut album In Light from indie-afropop band GIVERS. Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, the band have already awarded themselves an air of notoriety, especially since their famed support slot for Dirty Projectors.

Having formed over disastrous circumstances surrounding Hurricane Katrina, the band haven’t let that direct their music. Rather, they seem to have taken an opposing stance, in writing highly optimistic and downright gleeful tunes. Band member Tiffany Lamson points out the change in perspective as the defining factor. In the music’s composition, they make full use of an African inspired percussive section, layered with male/female harmonies, and sparkly synths. In short, it’ll make you feel happy. Trust us.

Their video for first single Up Up Up is a cosmic rendition of their jungle beats. Check out what we said about it HERE.

For your very own copy of Givers’ In Light, comment below telling us what gets you Up Up Up? (See what we did there?)


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