LAUNCHING: We Are Augustines ‘Rise Ye Sunken Ships’

You may remember a little while back, we introduced you to Brooklyn-based We Are Augustines. They’re the ones with a truly inspirational story of their formation; from family tragedy to a musically motivational experience that sees them where they are today.This week we’re pumped to be launching the debut album Rise Ye Sunken Ships from We Are Augustines, thanks to our friends at We Are Unified.

Since then, their album Rise Ye Sunken Ships has been released exclusively to iTunes, peaking at #45 of the iTunes Top 50 Alternative Chart after only the first day. Their track Headlong Into The Abyss was selected as iTunes Single of the Week, which just proves the kinds of waves they’ve been making. As a whole, the album continues along the motivational path of the band, with some musically powerful and highly personal tunes that provide a reflective experience for every listener.

To win your own copy of the album, simply comment below telling us what band name two of We Are Augustine‘s members used to go under.

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