VIDEO: Bleeding Knees Club ‘Teenage Girls’

Gold Coast duo Bleeding Knees Club have released the first taste of their debut album in the form of their ‘Teenage Girls’ video.  The video premiered yesterday on Rolling Stone (USA) where the Alex spoke about what they wanted and what they got from the clip:

“We wanted was it to capture that carefree, who-gives-a-fuck attitude that the girls had when I was a teenager….we really wanted it to be filmed in the U.S.A. because we felt the U.S. has that kind of attitude we wanted the clip to have. When I got the first cut back a few weeks later and the opening scene was a bird smoking an apple bong, I knew he nailed it.”

Not much else needs to be said about the video.  Devastatingly hot girls doing things their mothers wouldnt approve of along to a tune you can’t help but love.

Nothing To Do is due out early 2012.


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