VIDEO: Clubfeet ‘Last Words’

You know you’re onto some tasty stuff when The Guardian and other hot music sites are posting about your brand spanking new video. That’s how we felt when one of our favourite dance-indie bands of the moment Clubfeet were featured on these prolific websites (see HERE). We’ve been following the band almost obsessively since we first heard them, and it’s good to see they’re getting some recognition for their amazing music.

Teaming together with fashion videographer Alex Goddard, the band have managed to create a visually stunning clip that perfectly enhances their music. The Guardian described the song as “a kind of slinky, disco-tinged synth-pop stomper featuring some deliciously sultry vocals that give the song a lightness missing from a lot of the other Hot Chip-esque dance acts around at the moment”, and we’d have to agree.

This video is just the latest installment from the Gold On Gold project, view the rest HERE.


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