Video: Clubfeet ‘Fall From Here’

Clubfeet‘s latest single ‘Fall From Hereis considerably more relaxed than it’s already laid back pop-sensible predecessors ‘Last Words’ and Edge of Extremes‘. Gone are the cute, ravey synths, glockenspiels, sleigh bells and punchy disco basslines – they have been replaced by airy flutes, swimming reverb soaked vocals and a solemn 808 drum pattern. The band has still however retained a uniform approach to it’s music videos utilizing heaps of DIY home video footage in every clip.

The song begins sounding like a very epic Spiritualized esq. synth heavy jam and remains this way for more or less the entirety of the track; collecting itself right at the end for a very restrained, delicate finale. In Australia’s current music market its really nice to see acts like Clubfeet creating singles with a more spatial, out-there style.



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