United by a mutual fondness of shorts and powered by positive thought comes Sydney’s trio MILHOUSE. They released their appropriately titled Everything’s Coming Up… EP earlier this year after only an impressive three rehearsals and have quickly acquired a strong following that simply can’t get MILHOUSE out of their head. 

The band’s style is unabashedly comprised of pop punk’s most enjoyable traits:
Hand claps – check
Call and response vocals – check
Woah woooahhs, bah bahhs, Woos! –Check, check, check

On top of it all, the subject matter of their EP ranges from healthy lifestyle choices and breakfast to technology and its effects on literacy. Not since They Might Be Giants’ ‘Dr Worm’ have I been this confused as to whether I am the intended audience or if they would be more suited to plush costumes on the ABC (with some bleeps required.)

Is it just a sad day when we are so unaccustomed to Milhouse levels of enthusiasm that we dismiss it as novelty?  Or perhaps it’s their approach to music that provides this trio with a refreshing edge over their peers?  Novelty aside, this band is made up of talented members of the Animal Shapes, Between The Devil And The Deep and the now defunct Lights Out and sure know their way around their instruments.  More than just the ability to write songs that you’ll be singing for days, get down to a live show to witness solid riffs and the magic that is Chris Costin on drums.

Everything’s Coming Up…is available for free download:

Head to MILHOUSE FACEBOOK PAGE for shows and updates.


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