Ladyhawke Sophomore Album Announced

It is always a challenge, defying that dreaded second album curse. Many a band have stumbled, crashed and burned following disastrous releases that fail in comparisons to their earlier counterparts. However, from what we have heard so far from Ladyhawke’s follow up album ‘Anxiety‘, she will not be just another statistic.

Usually the videos we post are performances or music videos, but here we have a short and tasty treat, showing us some behind the scenes footage of the making of ‘Anxiety’ (thanks to NME). The creative vibes that pulse out of this mini vid are inspiring. It certainly is an album ‘teaser’.

The album was recorded earlier this year in New Zealand and France (lucky her) by producer and long-time collaborator Pascal Gabriel. The first single ‘Black White & Blue‘ will be out very soon!

Ladyhawke’sAnxiety‘ will be out on Modular on March 16 2012.


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