The Rapture Go Remix Crazy for ‘In The Grace of Your Love’

THE RAPTURE have very effectively utilized remixes as a key tool for the promotion of their latest album In The Grace of Your Love (2011). The band along with some of the guys at DFA Records have just finished sifting through hundreds of entries into the remix competition for the album’s first single ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, posting a video on UStream this morning of themselves critiquing their favourites. Watch it below, maybe your version was featured.

If you get bored of all the chatter maybe jump ahead to the 48 minute mark where the group pause to premiere the brand new film clip for ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ which at the moment isn’t available anywhere else on the internet.

THE RAPTURE have also just released all the remixes for their second single ‘Sail Away’, taken care of by heavyweight Belgium disco wizard AEROPLANE and our very own indie-disco heroes CUT COPY.

The Rapture – Sail Away – Remixes by DFA Records



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