NME Lists Most Exciting New Bands For 2012

NME has been the Godfather of “good” music for quite a while — as longstanding trendsetters, it has become a huge honour for a band to be mentioned anywhere that’s associated with the brand. Whether or not you agree with every band they support, you have to admit they certainly have an ear for what is going to make it big.

Taking one step further on their “100 Bands You Should Check Out” list that they release every year, they have recently dropped a list entitled “20 Most Exciting New Bands Of 2012”. Much to our excitement, fellow Aussies DZ Deathrays come in at number four, proving they are making waves overseas as well as at home. Looks like NME must have copped an eyeful of their hilariously drunken video remix of The Death Set’s ‘The Mess Up’.

Also making their way onto the list is Alabama Shakes, who we wrote a nifty little piece about just last week. Read it HERE. Dew Process’ extra special find Zulu Winter who have been branded as “the new Foals”, also managed to find their way into the infamous list. Keep reading for the full list and get yourselves fully acquainted.

NME’s 20 Most Exciting New Bands Of 2012:
1. Grimes
2. Spector
3. A$AP Rocky
4. DZ Deathrays
5. Howler
6. Wise Blood
7. Azealia Banks
8. Friends
9. Discopolis
10. Willis Earl Beal 
11. 2:54
12. King Krule
13. Citizens
14. Toy
15. Alabama Shakes
16. Apes & Horses
17. Frank Ocean
18. Dog Is Dead
19. Zulu Winter
20. Milk Music



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