Feature Artist: 2:54

If you are a struggling musician who’s been out in the scene for years trying to make a go of it, stop reading now. You will want to a) end it all, b) hunt down and destroy 2:54 or c) move to a country where something like this might actually be possible…

Sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow are a very lucky example off the way the Internet is changing the face of the music industry. Recording their grungy Garage Band track at their parents house in Bristol and posting it online for fun, only to have the track picked up by the likes of Gorilla Vs Bear, VICE, The Independent and The Fader. It was then reposted all over the net – before ever having played a live show. A few months later and the girls have pulled together a bunch of songs, a live band and are touring with Warpaint.

The infamous track, Creeping (shown above), is a gorgeous mix of punk-tinged grunge with sleepy shoegaze Mazzy Star-esque vocals. There is a sexy darkness to their music which is perfectly portrayed through their first film clip Scarlet (shown below). Shot in a Danish forest, the atmosphere is predatory, melancholy and uplifting all at the same time. Their as-yet-untitled album is being recorded with Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) and Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails) (I know right, kill me now); the perfect pairing for their smouldering sound. The album features a reworked version of Creeping and is due to be released this April.

It helps to be making the right kind of music at the right time and the girls are fully aware of their beginners luck, planning to make sure all the hype isn’t in vain and concentrating fully on making quality songs. With effortlessly cool looks, friends in high places and gorgeously abrasive songs, the only way to go is up it seems.

Words by Chloe Cooper



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