LISTEN: Kristina Miltiadou – Covers Project

Local Melbourne girl KRISTINA MILTIADOU is at it again bringing flava to the music scene with her recent project ‘Covers’. This initiative was started by MILTIADOU late last year and is an online collaborative project in which she gets together with a different local artist every week or so and lets the creative juices begin a-flowin’. Covering a bunch of artists from Beyonce to Lhasa De Sela, MILTIADOU & co produce amazingly raw and heartfelt sounds you can’t help but love!

These artistic endeavours are filmed, and the end product edited into a lovely little clip for those of us playing at home. Already on the list of seven collaborations so far are artists like Berlin based Planet Love Sound and Sydney girl Fingertips. Despite the incredible talent KRISTINA MILTIADOU possesses, the vibe she emanates is refreshingly unprocessed, and the ‘Covers’ project gives awesome insight into just how much love goes into what she does. Filmed in backyards, living rooms and studios all around Melbourne, ‘Covers’ truly is keeping it real- props to that!

Favouritism may be bad – but whatever.

‘Do the right thing’ – OSCAR & MARTIN 

‘The Boy is Mine’ – BRANDY & MONICA (Brandy & Monica!!)

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Words by Adriana Barro.



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