LISTEN: Ladyhawke ‘Black, White & Blue’ (The Big Pink Remix)

The UK’s THE BIG PINK have just delivered a remix of LADYHAWKE‘s ‘Black White & Blue’; they’ve turned the track into a blarey, noisy, reverb soaked 4 and a half minute epic… yep that sounds like THE BIG PINK. The original has a great hook that the guys have made good use of. All that being said, this version doesn’t sound too different from the original and I really dont think it’s enough of a departure.

Very interesting to note how LADYHAWKE‘s studio record of ‘Black, White and Blue’ sounds; producer Pascal Gabriel has gone very 90’s with it, the chorus sounding late Madonna, complete with huge distorted rock guitars and echoing drums.

Read our review of THE BIG PINK‘s latest album ‘Future This’ HERE. LADYHAWKE also has a new record out in March, more info on ‘Anxiety’ HERE.

Words by Gabe Gleeson



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