WATCH: Fanfarlo ‘Tightrope’

Every self-respecting hipster has a band that they wholeheartedly claim to have more or less discovered. The hippest of hipsters are even willing to fight to the death to defend said claim, god forbid that some lesser being was listening to those sweet tunes before them.

For me, that band was FANFARLO. I’m not ashamed to say that when Triple J wrongly claimed that they were “a new band to watch out for” whilst announcing them for Splendour in the Grass 2010, I gave a self-righteous “I’ve known them for ages” chuckle, and muttered a triumphant “dickheads” whilst shaking my head for good measure.

But now that you guys know them too, we can all hold hands and get giddy over their live sessions videos, and get even giddier at the prospect of the forthcoming release of their second album Rooms Filled With Light.

Each week, Fanfarlo have been teasing us with the release of a new music video from the new album. The raw, fairly straightforward videos are nothing to boast about (it’s basically the band, standing in a room, playing their instruments – no points for innovation), but let’s face it – we’re here for the new songs, not fancy music videos.

There’s a sadder, less triumphant feel to the four songs currently available, but even the finest bands have to have a dark period, right? The next live session is set for release February 21. In the meantime, why don’t you take a look at the most recent upload, ‘Tightrope.’  ‘Then check out the other three here.

Rooms Filled With Light hits shelves February 28.

Words by Morgen Newton.



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