WATCH: Light Year ‘Moderation’

If the infamous orange tinged Jersey Shore has benefited the world in any way it would only be one. It has given the sheltered middle-class adolescent everywhere a new awesomely dorky dance move; the fist pump.

The fist pump now joins a long line of half ironic, half totally-ecstatically-joyous dance moves that flood dance floors and festival greens in waves of shameless dancing. These dorky/totally awesome moves are exquisitely on display in LIGHT YEAR’S video for ‘Moderation’; a mid-tempo track punctuated by hypnotic trance beats.

In the “found footage” style video clip, LIGHT YEAR have edited together a series of VHS shots of unabashed individuals in funky dreads indulging in even funkier dance moves. I’m sure we can totally see bits of ourselves in these gregarious individuals. Don’t lie; three and a half drinks in and you’re doing all of these moves – while you spill the second half of your forth drink all over yourself, the floor and that annoying smelly guy in front of you.

These snippets of wonderfulness are linked in with super pixelated hands clapping and spelling out ‘L’ and ‘Y’; creating a whole nostalgia towards the unreserved joy in these communal experiences.

Whoever said white people can’t dance never saw this clip. Or maybe they did. Well then… Screw them, they just don’t know what fun is.


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