WATCH: The Weeknd ‘Montreal’

THE WEEKND’S new unofficial music video for ‘Montreal’ is disturbingly mesmerizing in the most darkly twisted way. The clip left me in a state of bewilderment almost, with its unexpected turn of visual dialogue.

For those who have previously seen THE WEEKND’S unofficial ‘The Morning’ music video (found here via Vimeo) you might have noticed that director High5Collective has once again collaborated with the talented Toronto-based singer to produce ‘Montreal’.

The music video for ‘Montreal’, in particular, was a cause of distraction, with so many various things continually running through my mind. So many questions left unanswered and that similar icky feeling of unrest and unease you get when you watch the movie Inception. It left me pondering on what happened to the abused girl, the abusive father, the shadowy younger brother and the passive mother.

See for yourself.

Words by Jo Cheng



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