We’ve loved the RUFUS boys since they were in their infancy thumb-sucking, warm bottle toting days. It’s clear to say, our love runs deep. So when we had the chance to ask them a few questions about what they’ve got going on at the moment, we couldn’t hide our delight. Keep reading for all the goss on our fave friends.


PS: You’ll be touring nationally with fellow Sydney act Polographia next month, are you excited for the trip? What can fans expect to see at the shows?

RUFUS: Yeah we’re very excited for the trip! It’s been a while since we’ve toured and we’re all missing being on the road. We’re also playing a bunch of new cities which is pretty exciting. However, I suppose the biggest thing we’re looking forward to, is playing new material to new fans and anyone coming to the shows can expect a new set and a bunch of people getting down – kind of like a good house party we hope.

PS: It’s been a big year for you guys, how does it feel to be getting love on Triple J?

Last year was amazing and we were stoked to get the support we did from Triple J. We were pretty proud of making it in to the top 200 songs from the hottest 100 vote and we’re looking forward to another fun, busy year.

PS: You recently participated in an album for World Vision which culminated in you donating a song to charity along with acts like Gotye, Ladyhawke and Washington. How did you get involved in the project and what was the experience like?

The charity reached out to us and we were more than happy to get involved and offer a song for the album. It’s a great range of artists from the up and comers to the established musicians you mentioned and we were humbled to be asked.

PS: Your latest single ‘This Summer’ is sounding a bit different to other stuff you guys have put out. Can you let us in on some of the inspiration behind it?

That track in particular is something that Tyrone started mucking around with in the studio last year whilst we were recording and mixing some of the other tracks. The piano line and vocal felt really sincere and got under your skin and we ended up writing the driving kick and bass line underneath to churn the song along. We spent a lot of time on the production of the new tracks and used a bunch of old analogue synths to get the sounds we were looking for.

PS: We heard you guys had some costumes ready for Playground Weekender this year, what could we have expected from your set had the event not been cancelled due to the risk of flooding?

Well we might still be able to rip them out for parts of the tour, or even just the after parties, but basically our get ups included (fake) animal fur, primitive inspired jewelry etc. and a bunch of headdresses. We also had a pretty raucous but well rehearsed set to match!

PS: We loved your recent remix of New Navy’s Zimbabwe – do you have any other remixes in the works at the moment?

We’ve sort of put remixes on the back burner for the moment whilst we get ready for the tour but we have a remix of Joelistics’ ‘Glorious Feeling’ that is out on Elefant Traks right now, along with one for our pals The Aston Shuffle that’s going to get a release soon.

PS: You’ve have been spending 2012 doing performances at festivals like Peats Ridge, Harbour Party, Field Day and Big Day Out. How have the responses been? We saw a video online of a feverish rush of punters to your set in the BDO Boiler Room.

We had such a fun summer and were kept pretty busy with all the events we played. Peats Ridge was one of the more pumping party sets, playing after midnight to a packed tent, but yeah that rush of hundreds of bodies to the front of stage as we opened the boiler room at the Sydney Big Day Out was something we’ll never forget… Check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet and listen out for our manager Danny’s little girl giggle as the stampede rushes through!



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