LISTEN: Beck ‘Looking For A Sign’

Indie superhero BECK was pretty busy last year producing phenomenal albums by Stephen Malkmus and Thurston Moore (I have a dream where these three dudes get gay married and adopt me. Don’t ruin it). However he’s now gotten back to writing stuff of his own, with a new Beck song being featured in an Ed Helms/ Jason Segel Indie comedy, Jeff Who Lives At Home.
And it is a real treat.

The track, titled ‘Looking For A Sign’ seems to be a return to the downbeat, melancholy bluegrass of Beck’s 2002 album Sea Change. This is exciting for a lot of fans, as Sea Change is widely regarded as one of indie’s greatest albums of all time- for its deft song writing and beautiful emotional intensity, a tone which Beck has not really revisited since. There is not information yet as to whether this song will be released commercially, but you can listen to it here.

Words by Madeleine Laing.



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