FLASHBACK: Television Personalities ‘Look Back In Anger’

Long before PETE DOHERTY was delivering the slurred UK garage-pop he made famous with his acts The Libertines and Babyshambles, the TELEVISION PERSONALITIES were doing this. I first discovered this song 8 or 9 years ago when my much older cousin gave me a compilation of ‘indie-pop’ songs from seminal British record label ‘Rough Trade‘.

This collection of tracks featured early stuff from Primal Scream, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Beat Happening, My Bloody Valentine, The Vaselines and Camera Obscura. It was the first release to document indie-rock’s emergence in the UK in the 80s – have a read of an interview with the man who put it together HERE.

For 8 long years the TELEVISION PERSONALITIES’ 1981 single ‘Look Back In Anger’ has been constantly stuck in my head. Now I’m passing it on to you.

Words by Gabe Gleeson from Wax Waves.



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