Top Ten Potential Mothers for My Indie Baby

After writing a few too-many creepy Facebook statuses about my celebrity crushes, I seem to have been picked as PURPLE SNEAKERS’ resident pervert and was asked to write an article about the top-10 indie girls I froth over. I was ashamedly surprised at just how easy this list came together, as if I already had some kind of pre-written leaderboard in my head.

However, much like how your father justifies the Playboy collection under his bed by saying he reads it for the articles and not the girls, I’m going to try to justify this article as it not being 100% looks, but about the music these babes make too…

10. Annika Norlin

During a particularly philosophical late night, I contended to my friends that we should send all the beautiful people in the world to one country and let them breed a race of hotties. They reminded me that this actually exists- it’s called Sweden. Annika Norlin is one such Swede and also the front of Hello Saferide– one of those twee-indie band success stories whose songs can bring a cheerful tone to any-day (except for ‘Anna’ which had me crying into my pillow).

9. Katie White

Blondie’s Debbie Harry is old enough to be on this list if my Dad had written it when he was my age (that doesn’t stop me from having a massive poster of her in my room), but her stylish new-wave punk aesthetic lives on through Katie White of The Ting Tings. Bringing us funky tunes that have just the right amount of oomph to let us guys nonchalantly join the girls on the d-floor, Katie White emulates Debbie Harry’s sex appeal- and her kick-ass rock ‘n roll attitude.

8. Katy Steele

Katy Steele of Little Birdy makes my list simply for giving the world ‘Come On, Come On’ which was my fucking jam back when Hollywood was released in 2006. The music runs strongly in her blood too! Her brother Luke fronts The Sleepy Jackson and Empire of the Sun (whom you may have heard of if you haven’t been living under a rock these past few years), and her father also performs with her oldest brother Jesse in Rick Steele & The Hot Biscuit Band. Who wouldn’t want to marry into a family of rock stars?

7. Ann Kirsten Kennis

Remember Vampire Weekend’s album Contra and how the album art was some picture of a girl that looked like it was from the 80s? Well the photo actually was from the 80s of a girl called Ann Kirsten Kennis. The story goes that Ann’s daughter brought home the album 26 years after the photo was taken, and she was surprised to see her image as the cover. She later sued Vampire Weekend for $2million for using the photo without permission (ouch), but she could have sued them for all the money in the world and it still wouldn’t stop the fact that her eyes are so gorgeous and captivating.

6. Katrina Noorbergen

Sydney-based band Cassette Kids began their foray into the limelight after winning Triple J’s unearthed competition in 2008. ‘You Take It’ was a banging first single that mixed elements of disco and punk and later had them touring nationally as supporting act for The Presets and Lily Allen. Despite being a few years old, their debut EP We Are still packs a punch thanks to Katrina’s spunk.

5. Kate Nash

That’s right, not Lily Allen but rather her stylistic counterpart Kate Nash. Her debut album Made of Bricks hit #1 in the UK and and #67 here in Australia, and to be frank, while it lacked the sexy bitchiness that Lily Allen possesses, I’d rather listen to ‘Foundations’ or ‘Dickhead’ over Allen’s ‘It’s Not Fair’ or ‘The Fear’ any-day….

Who am I kidding, this is a list about cute girls and I dig redheads, not going to lie.

4. Emma Stone

Speaking of cute redheads, let’s all admire the above picture of Emma Stone.

3. Owl Eyes

Whether you love Aussie Hip-Hop or hate it, watching Brooke Addamo aka. Owl Eyes sing the chorus in Illy’s ‘It Can Wait’ will have you drooling, and then going on to watch/listen to her own hit single ‘Raiders’ will cement her place in your heart. A voice that really suits her indie-pop genre, and a dangerously cute smile to boot, don’t look at her too long or you’ll start crying yourself to sleep wishing she was your girlfriend.

2. Zooey Deschanel

Poor Zooey is always getting compared to Katy Perry, but there’s an easy way to tell the two apart; Perry started as a gospel singer and then later became a pop sensation squirting whipped cream from her nipples with Snoop Dogg in ‘California Gurls’. Meanwhile Deschanel was busy singing indie-pop tunes and being adorable. I would kill a thousand kittens just to see her smile. And It’d be worth it.

1. Katty Besnard 

I can’t go past The Plastiscines front girl Katty Besnard for my #1 spot (image at the top of the post!) The all-girl French rock band was criticized for being a part of the emerging “Les bébés rocker” scene in France (kind of like a bizarro version of our hipster culture) back in 2004, but they have since evolved into a femme-fatale force with their debut LP1 being full of playful short indie-rock tunes, and their most recent release About Love containing some proper fleshed out garage-rock which I’m sure lonely fans of the now deceased The White Stripes and The Libertines would be very happy to jump onto.

Words by Fuck the Radio.

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