WATCH: Sigur Ros ‘Ekki Mukk’

In anticipation to the release of their sixth studio record ‘Valtari’ scheduled for later this year, SIGUR RóS have released their first single, entitled ‘Ekki Mukk’ (in English – ‘not a sound’) with an accompanying film clip which combines gorgeous minimalism and a sprawling sense of wonder in perfect harmony.

SIGUR RóS have always been a sacred place, a sanctuary where I can go to escape this world and float through the heavens upon a wave of bliss that engulfs absolutely everything around.

The formidable swells of euphoria, haunting hopelandic vocals and vast expanses of lush textures are again perfectly portrayed, as the ocean and glitches of transcendent colours and tones form a nostalgic super8 dream; there is a tingling sensation upon my skin.

With a sound that is so beautiful and expansive and dynamic, and a live show that is equally as awe inspiring, let us hope with every atom of our beings, that Australia gets to experience the new record live.

Words by Josh Daydream.



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