LISTEN: Work Drugs ‘Lisbon Teeth’

Looking for that one song that could possibly be the new favourite for those sad (but fun!) final nights of warm weather? Or even the song to kick-start the playlist for that mid-year holiday that you’re planning to some Greek island? Look no further than the new track from wistful-disco kings WORK DRUGS.

‘Lisbon Teeth’ makes you want to dance all through those warm summer nights or kick back on the beach. Looking at their back catalogue it’s easy to see that the band has perfected that ‘smooth-fi’ sound which is surprising, considering that they hail from all places, Philadelphia in the good ol’ US of A. Philly, to me is the home town of cheese-steaks and that lil’ film known as Rocky. However, good music doesn’t lie and the band who says that they were influenced by one crazy summer in Europe have made a banging track. This one’s sure to find a place on any cool cat’s playlist.

Check out heaps more releases from WORK DRUGS over at their BANDCAMP PAGE.

Words by Tegan Carlson.



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