TOP FIVES: Matt Nielson

Introducing Matt Nielson, Melbourne writer and all-round quirky PURPLE SNEAKERS contributor extraordinaire…

“Because you don’t really know who I am and have no reason to listen to me, I’ve included some brief explanations for my choices in each category. Also, I’ve changed each category, to make it more interesting.”


Top 5…

Albums to fall asleep to (in a good way)

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music

“To get your Official Music Writer’s License you have to listen to this album start to finish. (SPOILER: it’s an hour of pure noise)”

Boards of Canada – Music Has The Right To Children

“The electronic album that other electronic albums want to be when they grow up.”

The Avalanches – Since I Left You

“It took me years to realize that the lyric in ‘Since I Left You’ is clearly “since I MET you/I’ve found a world so blue”, which is a really nice sentiment to take to Dreamland.”

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

“Modern-day free jazz, tribal séance beats and space station slow jams to soundtrack your REM journey across the interstellar planes.”

Slowdive – Souvlaki

“Thiiiiiiiiiis iiiiiiiiiis theeeeeeee onlyyyyyy waaaaaaaayyyyy tooooooo taaaaaaaaalk aboooooooouuuuuut thiiiiiiiiiis aaaaaalbuuuuuuuum.”


Australian artists





Shane Warne

“If spin bowling can be considered an ‘art’, if not, Powderfinger

Tracks relating to the word “Honey”

Mariah Carey – ‘Honey’

Mogwai – ‘Honey’ (Spacemen 3 cover)

The Jesus and Mary Chain – ‘Just Like Honey’

My Bloody Valentine – ‘Honey Power’

The Beatles – ‘Honey Pie’

Gigs you’ve been to in the last 12 months 


“I remember mass audible gasping at several points during their mind-bending set at Harvest.”

Fucked Up

“At the East Brunswick Club (RIP), Fucked Up battered me for an hour and made me feel alive again. (You can actually hear a bootleg of this one.)”

Cut Copy

“When the rain finally started pouring down on the sweaty crowd during the best song of their prime evening slot on the second night of Meredith, it became obvious that this band has made a deal with the devil.” 


“Playing ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ in its entirety at the Opera House. The only thing Sydney really has over Melbourne is that this show happened there and not here.”

David Banner

“A rapper best known for that “Come girl I’m tryna getcha pussy wet”  song showed intelligence, humility and a sense of humour in an intimate last-minute show for thirty new converts.”

Nights out

C Grade

“I got kicked out of here once by a patron.”

Favela Rock

“The only time I’ve ever moshed to ‘Ferrari Boyz’ with Odd Future.”

Liberty Social

“I don’t really remember any of the times I’ve been to this newish venue, which is a promising sign I guess.”

Catfood Press

“Although it’s been a bit quiet of late, if you’re ever punx to hear word of a gig at this DIY converted factory space/residence/Mecca, you should head down.”

The Ferg

“There’s no gigs or club nights or guest lists or Facebook events here. Part share house, part myth, you will only find the Ferg once you stop looking for it.”


Genius Websites

Brown Cardigan

“By linking you to Brown Cardigan, I have cast a spell on you that will prevent you from ever using time on the Internet productively again.”


“An undiscovered Melbourne writer who can use a top 5 list to make you understand that laughing and crying are basically the same thing.”

Lil B Twitter

“A greatest hits of the Based God’s incomprehensible, sprawling Twitter account.”


“Just open it, and then remember that some wealthy genius is paying thousands of dollars a month for this domain name.”

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

“Does what it says on the tin. The Internet’s number one source of “…that happened?” moments.”


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