Exclusive Rdio Release of Ladyhawke ‘Anxiety’

Any LADYHAWKE fan worth their salt knows that the 25th of May is a special day. That’s the day her latest album ‘Anxiety’ comes out – and if it’s anything like her self-titled debut studio album, we’ll be hearing LADYHAWKE everywhere for an indeterminate period of time afterwards. Man, are those songs addictive. Once you hear them they just can’t be unheard.

Of course, if you are a really big fan, desperately need a dose of Pip Brown‘s sexy vocals or you just have an RDIO membership, you can hear the full track listing for ‘Anxiety’ right now. Today. Even while you’re reading this, in fact. Those dudes managed to get an exclusive early album release for their members starting this morn.

For those of you who haven’t got an RDIO membership, they’ve still put out previews of all the tracks. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Words by Desiree Conceicao.


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