LISTEN: Nasir Jones ‘Daughter’

‘Daughter’ has a sweet sound as it begins and NASIR JONES (AKA NAS) calls out to his “brothers with daughters”. The rapper shows another side to his personality as he dedicates the tune to his daughter – addressing his worries about his daughter possibly marrying a thug or having a sex life as he’d  found condoms on her dresser.

This rap has an amazing relevance to today’s social networking craze citing many of the popular sites such as Instagram, something he probably learnt from his daughter. A tale of protection of his little girl and the difficulties of being a single father is endearing and yet NAS maintains his effortless cool or as the kids call it, swag. The hip hop legend keeps it equal by reiterating, “Not that our sons aren’t important” as well.

The beautifully produced track has such an adorable element to it, with NAS describing the importance of a relationship between a father and his daughter as feminine vocals croon in the background. Lets hope this song changes all the father/daughter dances at weddings around the country from now on.

Words by Jessica Holton



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