TOP FIVES: Bossman Records

According to Naysayer and Gilsun, “Inspired by the wave of DIY digilabels churning out great music all over the interwebs, BOSSMAN RECORDS was started by a few friends to jump right on the bandwagon.”

We’re glad they did, because they are pretty damn rocking – and they’re currently on tour with the PURPLE SNEAKERS DJs for Groovin The Moo. The guys took a break to give us their Top 5’s, but warned us that they change too often for them to feel solid about their answers.

Top 5 Albums
Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Radiohead – Kid A
Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentleman, We’re Floating in Space
My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
Sonic Youth – Goo 

Top 5 Australian Artists
Paul Kelly (Tinnies down)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
The Birthday Party
Wil Wagner

Top 5 tracks you have on repeat now
Action Bronson ft. Roc Marciano – Pouches of Tuna
123Mrk – Untroubled
Burial & Four Tet – Nova
Western Tink – Live N Let Die
Twerps – Bring Me Down 

Top 5 gigs you’ve been to
1. Radiohead – Rod Laver Arena, 2012
I don’t care that this hasn’t actually occurred yet. I’m a disgusting fanboy and have never, ever seen them play. As long as Thom sorts out his ponytail, I think it’ll probably be a prettttty good gig.

2. Spiritualized – Sydney Opera House, 2011
This was the full-length, 20-piece band performance of ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re Floating In Space’. Snagged front row seats thanks to a great friend. Cue: out of body experiences.

3. Pavement – Golden Plains, 2010
Getting brazenly drunk with a bunch of friends and moshing a few metres away from a very irreverent Stephen Malkmus is something I never, ever thought I’d be able to do. I can only praise Australia’s patron saint: Aunty Meredith.

4. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ATP U.K., 2010
So lucky to have seen these guys play. Incredible band on record, but even better live.

5. Caribou – ATP U.K., 2010
This gig was in what can best be described as a scout hall and had about fifty people in attendance. Unbelievable. Four Tet and Holy Fuck opening up just made it even more surreal.

Top 5 places to go for a night out in Melbourne/Australia/The World
1. Fergie Street – Melbourne, Australia
2. Mercat Basement – Melbourne, Australia
3. Jiffy’s – Brooklyn, NY
4. Favela Rock – Melbourne, Australia
5. Willy’s Bar – Berlin, Germany
(Very, very honorable mention to The Nash, Geelong) 

Top 5 Music/Entertainment Websites (apart from Purple Sneakers of course!)
1. The Fader
2. Mess & Noise
3. Not The First You’ve Heard
4. Steady Bloggin’
5. Any Website Previously Owned and Hosted by Kim ‘Megaupload’ DotCom. 

Top 5 songs to lose your virginity to

Try-To-Be-a-Cool-Guy List:
1. D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie
2. Black Lips – It Feels Alright
3. Husker Du – I’ll Never Forget You
4. Lee Hazlewood – Pour Man
5. Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX – Ur Soul and Mine

Real List
1. Boston – More Than a Feeling
2. Boston – More Than a Feeling
3. Boston – More Than a Feeling
4. Boston – More Than a Feeling
5. Boston – More Than a Feeling

Top 5 Places you’ve woken up after a big night out
1. My own bed
2. My own bed
3. My own bed
4. A plane
5. Somewhere in West Geelong

Want more Bossman? Find them at their website.


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