WATCH: Father John Misty Live On Letterman

When drummers become lead singers, you know something great has happened. Picture this. A typical ladiesman; swagger in their step, goofy dance moves that are somehow pretentiously alluring and a great dose of testosterone. Now picture Joshua Tillman, AKA FATHER JOHN MISTY.

An endearingly sweet-sounding track accentuated by the raw vocals of ex FLEET FOXES member, FATHER JOHN MISTY, the Letterman audience were in for an entertaining 4 minutes. Decorating the track with an assortment of crappy and obviously showman-like dance moves, he is embracing the age old stigma that is performing solely for the audience, but whilst appearing to be acting out the actual lyrics, kinda crazy huh! Somehow, it works though. His self-conscious performances showcase the greatness in his ability. With the recent release of his new album, ‘Fear Fun’, Tillman is in for a hell of a ride.

Words by Caitlin Medcalf.



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