WATCH: Hot Chip ‘Night and Day’

This week, HOT CHIP released their video for their new song ‘Night and Day’, the first single off their upcoming album In Our Heads. I’d really recommend reading what two of our lovely writers thought of the track here before watching the video or even reading the rest of this, but hey, it’s up to you.

Admittedly, the first time I watched this video I was supposed to be doing set class work (I clearly wasn’t paying attention; I have no idea what it was). By the end of the video half the people in the classroom were crowded around my tiny class laptop, wondering what the hell had just happened. After all, it’s not every day you get to see flying saucers with better touch screen controls than any real invention flying around earth, men only wearing underwear dancing beside an egg-shaped object that is wearing a crown (I still have no idea what it actually is, but it seems to be able to send messages to the saucers) and synchronised dancing monks. As an added bonus, there’s also a Halloween-esque sheet ghost and some horse and mouse-headed people praying.

This video is no minor production by any stretch of the imagination. Directed by Peter Serafinowicz (who sticks in my head as Howell from Black Books), the video stars supermodel Lara Stone, actor Terrence Stamp (anyone else find him slightly scary?) and actor/comedian Reggie Watts, who has possibly the biggest hair anybody has ever seen.

This video is funky, super cool and completely, unbelievably nuts. To top everything else off, it has uncovered a secret desire I never knew I had: to become a synchronised dancing monk. Oh, if anyone figures out what that egg-shaped object actually is, please let me know. Not knowing and wondering about it is going to drive me insane.

Words by Maddie Worledge



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