LISTEN: Dan Deacon ‘Lots’

Were you lucky enough to get to either of the Falls Festivals last year? Well, if you were – it wouldn’t be any stretch of the imagination to say that it was one the best experience you’ve ever had, right?

And there is a massive chance that your experience was enhanced by one DAN DEACON. Performing as an ensemble as well as giving Lorne an extra solo DJ set, Deacon was seen as a highlight for so many of the festivals attendees – especially those who had no idea who he was. So with that being said, it is with great Purple Sneakers pleasure that we welcome Deacon back, with his brand new single – ‘Lots’.

If you aren’t accustomed to the music of Dan Deacon yet, you will probably be a tad freaked out by what he creates. That’s his thing – he creates electronic jams for those of us who are a little, shall we say, different. Why is it his thing? Well, he too is different – and it’s why we love him. So far he’s released eight albums under several different labels as well as being a film composer and curator, so he’s not your regular electronic artist. Whether it be his extremely trippy music videos, his one of a kind live shows – involving plenty of crowd interaction (those at Falls will agree), or his psychedelic loops and ridiculous fusions of sound; Dan Deacon has gained a cult following as an amazingly unique talent.

‘Lots’ is the first taste the public has been given of Deacon’s 9th studio album (and first with UK label, Domino), America and it is one hell of a listen. It’s a quick building three minute track, one that will trap you within swirling distortion and euphoric backing vocals before spitting you out on the other side wanting more. It’s another classically odd creation from one of the electronic scenes greatest assets.

Check out/download the track below.

America is out August 17th via Domino Records.

Words by Tom Hutchins.



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