WATCH: Azealia Banks ‘Liquorice’ (Official Video)

AZEALIA BANKS’s video for her wild tune ‘Liquorice’ is filled with sexual innuendo as she gropes baseball bats, squeezes mustard filled hotdogs and inadvertently (or maybe not so) performs fellatio on a ice block.

Look out, boys. The queen of cool exudes domination, sex appeal and power as she is seen gyrating amongst winter trees in the forest. Banks takes on a western approach to the clip, sporting black cowboy threads and riding a horse around dust laden fields. She even stops to face herself off in a duel, showing off her patriotic side.

The clip features a myriad of enviable outfits featuring blue fur, metallic pink corsets and American flag short shorts. The clip is something you could call “Texan chic” and seems to be produced impeccably and holds a more polished look than her debut, ‘212’.

‘Liquorice’ is the perfect song for the backdrop to this sexy clip, that seems to leave the girls wanting to be her and the boys wanting to be her ice block.

Words by Jessica Holton.



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