LISTEN: MNDR ‘Sparrow Voices’ (All Dom Wrong Remix)

Ever wondered what it feels like inside a Manhattan nightclub at 2:00a.m after about 12 standard drinks? (and a few cheeky shots of tequila?) Well, you do now because it mostly sounds like this ALL DOM WRONG remix of MNDR’s track ‘Sparrow Voices’.

MNDR is no novice to creating irresistible dancey tunes, having collaborated with Mark Ronson on his ‘Record Collection’ album (if her voice sounds familiar it’s because she lead vocals on ‘Bang Bang Bang’)…clearly this New York duo know how to partay with the big leagues. Throw fellow NYC local DJ and Producer All Dom Wrong into the scene, where he reassembles the song with just the right amount of head bopping house beats, disco synths and raw vocals that will get any wall-flowering hipster to slink away from the sides and break into a sweat inducing dance on the middle of the dancefloor.

Unashamed, unabashed, unimaginable dancing. That’s what these Yanks are all about kiddies, so stop reading – and start dancing.

Words by Keya Muk



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