More Goss on Tame Impala’s ‘Lonerism’ LP

Using a totally literary turn of phrase, HOLY SHIT, details of TAME IMPALA‘s sophomore LP Lonerism have been released. What does this mean for all us psychedelic fanboys and girls? It means that we can start a countdown!

We’ve already talked about the first track and free download Apocalypse Dreams‘ so now it’s time to get into the real nitty gritty. We’re all about information here at PURPLE SNEAKERS. No embellishment. Stone cold facts about the acts we love. So here goes-

This is the album cover:

It was created by Kevin Parker and Leif Podhajsky and looks pretty damn rad. Gritty even. Better still for all the diehard fans out there, the boys want your input about exactly they should do with the deluxe edition. Maybe if they like your idea they’ll use it. Tell ’em what you think HERE before August 3.

And this is the tracklisting:

  1. Be Above It
  2. Endors Toi
  3. Apocalypse Dreams
  4. Mind Mischief
  5. Music To Walk Home By
  6. Why Won’t They Talk To Me?
  7. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
  8. Keep On Lying
  9. Elephant
  10. She Just Won’t Believe Me
  11. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
  12. Sun’s Coming Up

Expect to hear first single ‘Elephant’ some time this month. As always remember that you can catch them if you’re one of those people we not so secretly rue, the people attending Splendour in the Grass. And yes, Lonerism is out October 5.

Words by Hannah Story.


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