PHDJ at Oppikoppi 2012

Hello lovely persons. It’s PhDJ. I’m stepping out from the production studio/business desk/DJ desk and writing some words today. I’m not much of a writer, but as they say if you have an awesome subject or concept then the quality can be overlooked somewhat. So please bear/bare with me… 

Over the next couple of weeks in the lead up to my DJ tour of South Africa starting next week (sadly can’t bring my main man Randall Stagg, next year bro!) I will be blogging about the South African music scene and covering my take on it in various stages. I’m not talking about Die Antwoord here (you of course are very aware of them, and maybe even their Afrikaans Saffa hip hop compatriot Jack Parrow), but about what came before and after.

Today we’re taking a look through the round window (Playschool anyone?). What can we see? Oh yes it’s OPPIKOPPI FESTIVAL

I’ve been heading to South Africa on an annual pilgrimage for a few years now, and have been involved steadily more and more with their scene. This year I’ll be playing at their most notorious festival Oppikoppi for the third year in a row. Oppikoppi is pretty much like a big multi-genre rave in the middle of the South African bush. It’s been happening for almost 20 years now, starting as a small annual party in a tiny mining bar at the top of a hill in a pretty desolate rural and mining district, to becoming a 20,000 person international party bonanza!! Over the years the festival has hosted massive international acts, but more importantly has been a showcase of awesome local South African talent. Read more about the history of the event HERE.

My personal favourite part of the festival is the Red Bull Dance Stage on the ‘other side’ of the hill, which looks pretty much like a big fuckin space ship landed in the middle of the desert – don’t believe me? Check the below video out. And I’m proud to say that this year it’s the best line up I’ve seen in the few years I’ve been paying attention, with none other than the man DIPLO headlining the dance stage this year! Boom!!!

As a sign of mad friendship and mega love the Oppikoppi guys (love to Carel, Misha et at) have been kind enough to offer Australian’s free entry. So if you know any Australian folk who may find themselves in South Africa at the mo tell em to hit us up and post a photo of their passport on the PURPLE SNEAKERS DJS FACEBOOK and we’ll sort em out with a free pass.

On my tour I’m also taking in the cities of Joburg and Cape Town. I’ll tell you more about those places and some rad acts from yonder in my next blog post.

Until then you should check out my fave Saffa slacker bass.hip hop doods P.H. FAT


Martin Novosel… aka PhDJ, founder of Purple Sneakers & one half of Purple Sneakers DJs, alongside none other than Randall ‘Staggman’ Stagg. Stop reading already…