FLASHBACK: Gang of Four

Toward the end of the 70’s, after disco had done it’s thing and punk ran outta safety pins, a pocketful of bands were carving themselves a new sound fusing the chaotic, harsh tones of punk and the body shaking pulse of Krautrock… This is Post Punk.

Many bands including The Birthday Party, Husker Dü, Warsaw / Joy Division and The Cure (though arguably Goth) were given the Post Punk title, though none hold the energy and ferocity associated with the genre anymore than the one and only, GANG OF FOUR.

With eight studio albums under their belt, The first of which, ‘Entertainment!’ (rated the eighth best record of the 70’s by Pitchfork) heard a broad spectrum of influences punk, reggae, dub and funk and held within the grooves of the vinyl a string of hits including ‘Nature’s Not In It’, ‘Damaged Goods’ and ‘At Home He’s A Tourist’.

So if you feel like you’ve gotten stuck in the midyear rut, get out your vinyl 12’’ and get your body oscillating to the cyclic beat and pulsating bass of GANG OF FOUR, then go out on the town, find some groovin’ young hipster at your bar and start your very own post punk band today!

Words by Joshua Daydream


Joshua’s being lies in the depths of his guitar, curious about the sounds of the galaxies, his tongue conjures consonants and vowels that are all too quickly carved into silver syllables and smokey silhouettes as his psychedelic fingertips resonate the sounds of golden afternoons. Music student / Sound freak / Effects pedal head / Poetic soul / Sonic mind / Online contributor and part-time writer.