LISTEN: Wavves ‘Hippies Is Punks’

Lo-fi surf punk heroes WAVVES wrote this little ditty for Adult Swim‘s single series. It’s a fast-paced piece, full of teenage anguish. The track makes the most of distortion, crooning “oohs” and a killer riff. We love this group, we love watching naughty cartoons, we love this.

Beloved Nathan Williams sings “Get me out of your head” but I don’t think I’ll be getting this track out of my head anytime soon. The lyrics remain as self-deprecating as ever, although have evolved since their earlier work: he’s a parasite. He’s sad, he struggles in relationships. We all know what it’s like when you’re friends with your ex, when you’re not over them, so on and so forth. Williams‘ advice is sound. Because bemoaning lost loves is a waste of time. But listening to Wavves sure isn’t.

We’ve heard a little more from the band about the new album. They paid for everything themselves to ensure that their was no record company influence on the songs, “100% ours, no changes,” then showed them to labels and let them bid away. If it sounds anything like this, it should be killer.

Listen to Williams‘ side-project Sweet Valley HERE

Words by Hannah Story.



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