It is a miracle that anyone has ever heard of THE WIPERS. What was initially started as nothing more than a highly ambitious recording project by Greg Sage (15 albums in 10 years, no touring and no promotion), has gone on to influence many notable bands including Melvins, Poison Idea, My Vitriol, Nation of Ulysses, Nirvana, Calamity Jane and Cloud Nothings.

Tight as a drum song structure and the use of heavy distortion are two reasons why you will love this band. It is raw, straight to the point and in your face. The lyrical content deals with themes of isolation, depression and alienation. Perfect listening for those times when you are hit with relapse of teen-angst.

Wipers left a huge imprint on the grunge scene in the 90’s. Kurt Cobain confessed that he was hugely influenced by them and would go on to cover two of their songs from their debut Is This Real? Many other notable acts have covered their songs on the 1992 tribute album Eight Songs For Greg Sage and The Wipers, which then went onto be reissued with an extra six songs.

Today the band’s debut Is This Real and their third release Over The Edge are considered essential punk albums. Do yourself a favour and check them out, you will not regret it.

Words by Sam Warburton



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