LISTEN: Ladyhawke ‘Blue Eyes’ (Alison Wonderland Remix)

Anxiety, everyone has it from time to time, but what do you do if you have a lot of it and you’re a fantastic singer/songwriter? Now you don’t run to the supermarket, buy your weight in ice cream and watch countless films in your bedroom, you make a great album of course!

Kiwi songstress LADYHAWKE aka Pip Brown has just released her second album which is entitled, as you may have guessed, Anxiety.

Four years after the release of her self-titled debut, LADYHAWKE has given us something a little darker with a heavier rock sound. Drawing inspiration from her own anxieties, the singer has picked up her trusty six-string guitar to give us the ‘full-band’ experience with lyrics that dig deep into how LADYHAWKE experienced the album’s two year process.

Featured on Anxiety is a little song called ‘Blue Eyes’. Okay so maybe little isn’t the right word, and I shall tell you why. ‘Blue Eyes’ is a crazy awesome track with some excellent distorted guitar and drum beats thrown in. Add a really catchy ‘na na na na na’  line into the mix and you’ve got a track that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head, in a good way of course. The track has a rock feel with some psychedelic sounds added in, but I wouldn’t class it as full psychedelic rock. It’s still sitting on the edge.

Now not too long ago, we interviewed the great woman that is DJ ALISON WONDERLAND. Ms WONDERLAND is unmistakably awesome and she has produced a very digital remix of LADYHAWKE’s catchy new single. Swapping the guitar and drums for a more electronic vibe, ALISON WONDERLAND has make some techno tweaks to the single and the end product is, in true ALISON WONDERLAND style, just plain splendiferous!

Listen for yourself and experience the marvelous-ness that is LADYHAWKE and ALISON WONDERLAND.

Words by Lauren Payne



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