LISTEN: Sarah Blasko ‘I Awake’

SARAH BLASKO is back with new single ‘I Awake.’ We love love love her soft and beautiful voice and were expecting great things after the loveliness of As Day Follows Night. 

‘I Awake’ has a bit of a harsher edge to it, adding to the atmosphere created by a thundering drum beat.  A combination of other instruments keep the tension building, almost as though she’s running. It builds and builds, a real crescendo- the kind we’ve come to expect from Blasko- then reaches its highest intensity for the final chorus. This is the time when she really shows off her stunning set of vocal chords.

The whole upcoming album has been produced by the gorgeous Blasko herself. And hey she even worked with the Bulgarian symphony orchestra. It’s something we’re really looking forward to listening to in full, and perhaps singing along to whilst stressed in the office. Because Sarah Blasko writes music for our emotional days. If she’s ready to search for love and make a change, we can too. “My heart is an adventurer” too.

Her latest album I Awake  is out October 26.

Words by Hannah Story.



Hannah’s best friend describes her writing as 'like Hunter S. Thompson, except less engaging and less good.' Her boyfriend says she’s 'a good writer, but couldn’t beat Ernest Hemingway in a fight.' Apt. If you want a healthy dose of shoegaze, look no further.