THE ASTON STUFFLE return from a year in the studio with the first taste of their sophomore album release – the epic, and aptly titled single, ‘Can’t Stop Now’. And with a handful of tour dates THE ASTON STUFFLE are giving us a lot to get excited about. Only a year and a half ago the boys cemented their place as the next wave of Australia’s emerging electronic elite with their debut album release, Seventeen Past Midnight. And spent much of the in between time on the road playing massive live sets at festivals and small venues alike.

In the track, ‘Can’t Stop Now’ has its heart-on-its-sleeve and hands-in-the-air, it’s The Aston Shuffle’s boldest statement to date and heralds the impending release of their next album in early 2013, and with it a damn fine summer.

The Aston Shuffle will debut their revamped live show at Big Sound on September 12th & 13th, followed by a national live single tour.

The Aston Shuffle ‘Can’t Stop Now’ Tour

11th October – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
12th October – Villa, Perth
13th October – The Toff, Melbourne
19th October – Academy, Canberra
20th October – The Standard, Sydney
26th October – Elsewhere, Gold Coast
27th October – Valley Fiesta, Brisbane

Words by Luke Letourneau, check out his street on POSSE.COM



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