LISTEN: The Townhouses ‘Diaspora’

Diaspora n. 1. The dispersion of the Jews beyond Israel. 2. The name and title track of THE TOWNHOUSES brand new album!If you’d like to find out more about the latter, you’ll be happy to know that Yes Please Records have released the new album by Melbourne’s Leigh Hannah – also known to his fans as The Townhouses.

Mixed by Nick Huggins (Otouto, Oscar + Martin), Hannah, who is obsessed with ethnomusicology, has created the most beautiful record, featuring a handful of collaborations with artists such as Guerre, Rainbow Chan, Wintercoats, Felix Weatherhouse and Italy’s Giorgio Turna.

An absolutely gorgeous album that tends to put you under a spell, have a taste of what to expect with ‘Diaspora’ – the title track.

Opening with the soft hits of a bell, its ringing twinkle sounds identical to that of a singing bowl. Soon after, we are introduced to what sounds like a moaning violin and the heavenly vocals of the track’s charming guest, Guerre.

After this brief moment of limbo, the song’s energy uplifts, unleashing an array of different bell and chime sounds that are unevenly patched over that same, strong violin, a subtle keyboard riff and the soft pitter patters of a drum.

This track comes across as superbly organic, due to the way it has been crafted. ‘Diaspora’ offers sounds that could have potentially been created by kitchen utensils that have been transformed into instruments. It just has that certain chic.

Hannah explains his intention of the track,

“Diaspora is made up of questions – it’s an open letter to refugees coming to, and currently living in, Australia. The victimisation of asylum seekers by the Australian media and political institutions is a deplorable smudge in an already tainted history of ‘tolerance’ in our country. I want my people to ensure the pain of leaving what refugees devastatingly left behind is not amplified due to our own reluctance and ignorance, to provide an inclusive supportive community, and to learn from our past mistakes. I hope this song helps, even just a little, in looking forward from here.”

Although it provides an extremely strong message, it still comes across as a complete dream.

So drop everything, lay down on your bed and listen to this stunning song alone. You’ll come out of it feeling completely blissful.

You can catch The Townhouses alongside Winter Coats and Light Giant in Sydney next Thursday, 29th November. The three artists will be playing at York Street Anglican as a part of The Gate’s SOUND/LIGHT/STONE series. Find more info about it HERE.

You can also digitally purchase the new album, Diaspora on The Townhouses Bandcamp [HERE] for whatever price you want! Treat it as an honesty jar.

Words by Hannah Galvin, check out her street on POSSE.COM



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