Chet Faker Releases Live Session EP + ‘Archangel’ Video

Relaxing by the pool in the sun half asleep is something we all do in summer, but do any of you have a soundtrack for that? December is officially in full swing and now, after releasing his debut EP Thinking in Textures, we will all now be able to listen to the blissful sound of Melbourne musician CHET FAKER as he releases a three-part Live Sessions EP.

CHET FAKER found a quiet spot in Newsread, Victoria, more specifically the Newstead Butter Factory that has been closed for years, and recorded the tracks, ‘Archangel’, ‘Love And Feeling’ and ‘No Diggity’ with his band. A teaser was released by CHET FAKER via his Twitter account earlier this week, but now the first installment of the three-part series has now been shared for your enjoyment.

‘Archangel’ has been premiered by Clash from the UK, and is also CHET FAKER’s own reinterpretation of the track originally by UK electronic producer BURIAL.  The track is opened by CHET FAKER playing his hauntingly beautiful keyboard whilst all is quiet. CHET FAKER’s vocals float through the factory with his band mates adding in some small, yet powerful sounds to help amplify the mood of ‘Archangel’. After a short break, CHET FAKER releases his full voice into the empty factory, and you know that the Live Sessions EP is going to be fantastic because, you honestly can’t get any better live music than this.

CHET FAKER has already made himself known overseas in March playing SXSW and was dubbed a ‘must-see’ artist by the Austin Chronicle in Texas. He’s been nominated for various awards this year and his track ‘Terms and Conditions’ also featured on the Ministry Of Sound: Chillout Sessions XV alongside FLUME  and TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS. CHET FAKER is recording his debut album currently but before we can experience a full LP, we must first take in Live Sessions EP and realize that Melbourne most definitely breeds some great musicians.

Words By Lauren Payne



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