WATCH: Wavves ‘Sail To The Sun’ (Official Video)

Yes they’re back! Misfit garage – rockers WAVVES are back again after a short break, during which Nathan Williams released beat tapes under the name SWEET VALLEY with his brother.

Nothing can beat a good WAVVES tune and now with their new track ‘Sail To The Sun’, that point will be emphasized.

‘Sail To The Sun’ will be featured on WAVVES’ forthcoming LP which is as-of-yet untitled and due for release in 2013 on their new label Mom + Pop. ‘Sail To The Sun’ was produced by John Hill, who has previously worked with M.I.A and SANTIGOLD, and recorded in Sonora Studios in sunny Los Angeles.

Opening with some light xylophones and shots of various people in church, ‘Sail To The Sun’ seems like a departure from WAVVES usual grunge-y melodies, that is, until a short spoken word distortion breaks up the niceness, the people leave the church and then we are back to the WAVVES we all know and love. Heavy bass lingers at the beginning of the rock tune until Nathan Williams’ vocals fall into place and give us the surfy sound of WAVVES as a priest goes rouge in the video.

The priest drives around the city aimlessly after his last service, and picks up hookers from a corner (yep you heard right). The trio all go back to a small hotel room where they party long into the night, and by party I mean sex, drugs and I would say rock and roll, but the television is actually playing local television throughout their intimate party. Nathan Williams thanked everyone involved for taking on his ideas for the video, and so this little gem is sort of his brain child, much like everything else WAVVES related.

SWEET VALLEY are set to release a new album very soon, so before we may revel in WAVVES new LP, we must first drink in ‘Sail To The Sun’ and enjoy SWEET VALLEY, but hey, who’s complaining?

Words by Lauren Payne



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