ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Wavves ‘Afraid Of Heights’


We were first granted with the self-titled in 2008. Then we were given Wavvves the following year. Their highly successful King Of The Beach landed three years ago and was followed by the Life Sux EP in 2011.

Going from heaps lo-fi, to a little less fuzzy, the forever noisy, surf punk rock duo WAVVES are adding to their rad discography with the upcoming record Afraid of Heights.

An LP that took over a year to write and record, Nathan Williams and Stephen Pope have created an album that is themed around the notions of depression and anxiety. Willams further expressed this as, “being death-obsessed and paranoid of impending doom”.

They worked with producer John Hill (M.I.ASantigoldWu-Tang) for the most part, however paid out-of-pocket for the Afraid Of Heights sessions themselves. He explained, “In doing so, I had no one to answer to. We recorded the songs how and when we wanted without anybody interfering, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

With raving reviews already, it’s an album to create a countdown for. You should maybe even just sleep throughout all of February. That’d make it faster, right?

In the meantime, check out Afraid Of Heights leading single – ‘Sail To The Sun’. The clip is so corrupt yet so great.

The newbie will be released through Pod – a sub-label of Inertia – on 22nd March, and will contain the bonus track ‘Hippies Is Punks (feat. Jenny Lewis)’.

The album art is also proving pretty sweet, as the art shown has been selected from the book ‘The Mingins Photo Collection’ by tattoo artist Rich Mingins (c.1900s).

You can pre-order Afraid Of Heights both physically and digitally!

Words by Hannah Galvin.



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