ALBUM REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine ‘m b v’


Alright Josh, let’s try and write a review for the new My Bloody Valentine record. you’ve only been waiting your entire life for this. Hmmm, maybe just “Here… Just listen… “ No. There is way too much I want to say. Okay here we go…

So I wake up, check my emails and social networking sites only to find each and everyone of them flooded with a hazy blue square, the letters mbv… etched across the lower half.  After waiting 22 years for the release of this record (a year short of my entire life actually) I am happy to announce for those of you who have been hiding under your cyber rocks that THE NEW MY BLOODY VALENTINE RECORD IS HERE! Oh my lord…

I quickly jump onto the site, that has now all but recovered from the overload caused by the relentless onslaught of fans machine gun firing on that refresh button, pick up a copy of the vinyl and digital download and message a girlfriend of mine… “Have the new mbv record, listening party?”. So I waited patiently all day, met her in the afternoon, picked up some chocolate, fruit juice, other confectionaries and about a thousand boxes of LCM’s. and went back to mine.

With all our treats laid out in front of us, I lit some incense and pressed play and turned up the volume. Laying on my bed, we both just broke down. Utterly speechless. Just staring at the ceiling, smiling to ourselves whilst Sheild’s and Butcher’s melting guitars washed over us, Googe and O’Ciosoig’s rhythms pulsating through the room. We just looked at one another in joyous ecstasy, unable to control our smiles, weeping with happiness.

This is one of the best things I have heard in a long time. Yes I am bias, but tell me this, who else is making anything close to this? And although there will never be another Loveless, the new record is comes pretty damn close.

I honestly cannot describe the feeling without falling all over my own tongue. Actually just look up awesome in the dictionary, then in the thesaurus, that list of synonyms doesn’t even come close. Listen for yourself and discover the magic that is My Bloody Valentine.

Standout tracks: – If I Am, Only Tomorrow, Actually The Entire Record Is Ridiculously Good.

Words by Joshua Daydream



Joshua’s being lies in the depths of his guitar, curious about the sounds of the galaxies, his tongue conjures consonants and vowels that are all too quickly carved into silver syllables and smokey silhouettes as his psychedelic fingertips resonate the sounds of golden afternoons. Music student / Sound freak / Effects pedal head / Poetic soul / Sonic mind / Online contributor and part-time writer.