WATCH: Tame Impala ‘Mind Mischief’ (Official Video)


TAME IMPALA  do good things always. They’re sophomore release Lonerism has been of great success with every single coming from it a total dream to listen to. ‘Mind Mischief’ is no exception to this as it’s retro, travelling psychedelia leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

What makes this tune even greater though, is the film clip that has just been released for it.

Starting out with a teenage boy daydreaming at his school desk in a very Dead Poet’s Society looking setting, we soon come to know that he’s fantasising about his female teacher. From here on in, the rest of the clip is coming from the boy’s imagination as we watch the teacher gain the attention from every pupil at the all boys school stare in amazement as she strides down the corridor.

As she ends up sitting in her car, we rekindle with the boy from the start of the video as he joins her. One cigarette later and the two are undressing each other in this tiny, red car. A Lonerism video wouldn’t be Tame Impalaish without the use of trippy animations. This is exactly what comes next.

Made up of a woman continuously throwing a small boy away, we come to realise that she is toying with his heart and emotions ferociously. Co-produced by the super trendy Urban Outfitters and the band’s record label Modular People, it’s a video that has come together through the creativity of music and film.

After you watch the clip, check out the making of video for ‘Mind Mischief’.

Words by Hannah Galvin.



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