LISTEN: Kraak & Smaak ‘The Future is Yours’ (Original Mix)


‘Squeeze me’ by KRAAK & SMAAK has to be one of the most memorable tunes from my clubbing hey-day, which means the mere thought of reviewing their latest track has reverted me back to my sweaty, pineapple vodka swilling 19-year-old self in no time.

The amazing piano riff pounds through your bones as the opening chords to funk-master house lord trio Kraak & Smaak’s , ‘The Future is Yours’ begins. Husky vocals make this tune transform into a house anthem. Flirty bass tears through the track, peppered with restrained percussion and floaty vocal harmonizing.

I double dare you not to become enthralled with the pop elements and disco beats that this track has to offer. Go on, sit there and don’t shimmy your shoulders- it is impossible. As the silence descends on the 5 minute 56 second mark, the vivacious beat and catchy lyrics remain imprinted in your mind, making it hard to get this tune out of your head. Kraak & Smaak have done it again.

They sure know how to produce a track that mesmerizes, a track that you can find playing, from your local drinking hole to basking in the sun in your backyard. The future is yours, and the vodka pineapple…is mine.

Words by Jessica Holton



Writing is my thing, I dress up as Bruce Springsteen to all themed parties. I can rap all of Dre 2001. I enjoy making breakfast meals, nighttime, large glasses of wine. What else..oh yeah, I like listening to disco tunes while I eat schnitzel.