WATCH: Joakim ‘Wrong Blood’ (Official Video)


We’ll be the first to admit that video clips these days have the potential to be very very weird, and a lot of the time – just terrible because of it. But the lastest offering from JOAKIM is so very weird, that it is so very good. It’s also extremely likely to freak you out…

One of our favourite Frenchmen is back again with a track that’s not only dance worthy, but also full of mystery, darkness and intrigue. ‘Wrong Blood’ is a down tempo moody track, filled with a solid beat, squeaky synths and deep organ patches. It also features the brooding and almost monotonous vocals from Joakim himself, that seem to blissfully drift in between each sharp jab of sound.

The clip itself suits the track to a tee. Created in collaboration between S&S (aka, Shanti Masud & Sigrid Bouaziz), Bathysphère ProductionsTigersushi Records, Le Palais de Tokyo, Joakim himself and featuring art from “Death of a King” by Ulla Von Brandenburg – this is a pretty big deal in terms of artistic vision. It follows a number of different ‘wild animals, aka naked women body painted (oh yeah, it’s a lil NSFW), as they navigate through a strange jungle like art world.

The clip also deals with issues surrounding love, loss, lust, death and probably some other themes we haven’t picked up on. All wound together with impressive visuals that will probably leave you reeling from all the colour and sheer weirdness of it all.

What must also be noted is that ‘Wrong Blood’ was released as part of Joakim’s last full length, Nothing Gold, which was released late 2011. Therefore this clip was purely made because they wanted a visual representation for a song they loved, not because they needed another promo tool for a new single. To us, that’s something special.

But regardless of the way you perceive it all, what it comes down to, is that this is just another reminder as to how relevant Joakim‘s music is a solid year and a half after it was released to the world.

Words: Tom Hutchins



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