WATCH: Wavves ‘Afraid Of Heights’ (Official Video)


Genereation Y accepts a lot of things these days, and WAVVES have most definitely captured that in their new clip for the track ‘Afraid Of Heights’.

If you’ve seen the film clip for WAVVES track ‘Sail To The Sun’, you may have noticed that their clips have become little more, controversial over time. Remember back when they first released ‘King Of The Beach’? It was just Nathan Williams and co. hanging out on a beach, smoking a bit of dope and playing video games. Harmless fun right? Now look..

‘Afraid of Heights’ begins with one of WAVVES band members putting on lipstick. I should point about now that the film clip actually stars two members of the band, if you follow WAVVES on Instagram you would remember these pictures being posted a few months ago, and I bet you would have never expected this to be what it was for.

The boys both dress up, in dresses, stockings the whole shebang and hit the town, ready to pick up some men for the night who also happen to be in the band. Hey Nathan Williams! The clip is funny and there’s a little twist ending that I won’t reveal so watch and have fun.

Words by Lauren Payne



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